Improve Your Employment Prospects With A Blepharoplasty


It’s no secret that the employment market is as tough as it’s ever been. The rise in flexible working practices means that the days when people could expect a job for life with a single company are long gone. Today’s job market is a tough one, so it makes sense to ensure you do all that you can to remain ahead of the game and maximize your chances of being the successful candidate at the interview. In addition to having the right skills, qualifications and experience, looking right for the job is also critical. Find out how to enhance your appearance to help that dream job become a reality.

Lose Excess Fat

Unfortunately, research shows overweight and obese individuals are less likely to land that top employment spot. Studies indicate that employers perceive larger job candidates as more likely to be lazy, poorly disciplined and less intelligent. In addition to eating less and moving more, a growing number of people are turning to plastic surgery to help them look their best. Residents of large cities such as Newark or Paterson (are there more affluent cities we can target? Livingston, Caldwell, franklin lakes.. although not as populated?), New Jersey find blepharoplasty surgery allows them to lose the excess fat that can gather around the eye lid area, leading to a firmer, more engaging appearance.

Don’t Let Your Age Show

Older job candidates are often overlooked in the workplace. Perceived as being slow and perhaps incapable of adapting to change in the way which younger people can, employers frequently find reasons to turn away more mature job applicants. It makes sense that retaining a youthful appearance is often the best way of maximizing your employment chances. Obtaining a blepharoplasty surgery will often give you a much younger looking eye, which makes a positive difference to your overall appeal.

Get an Energetic Look

Even if you’re not beginning to show the ravages of time, some eyes naturally have a single crease in the eyelid or a less pronounced double crease. Some people feel that investing in blepharoplasty surgery to produce a significant double crease in the eyelid can leave them with eyes which appear to be rounder and more alert. This may give them a more energetic look which is appreciated in the workplace.

If you feel that your eyes are holding you back from achieving the career success you’ve always wanted, why not visit the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery in Wayne, New Jersey and see what Dr. Wise can do for you? As a skilled and experienced surgeon, Dr. Wise provides expert care and makes modern blepharoplasty surgery a quick and straight-forward procedure. Why not contact our office for a consultation and see what a difference it can make?

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