Using Promotional Items To Develop Brand Recognition

By Chris Arranaga

Promotional items are a very important part of developing brand awareness for a company. This type of merchandise is imprinted with corporate logos and identifying information to remind people of your organization.

It is a good idea to provide promotional items that people use regularly so they will better remember your company. A few good choices are coffee cups, tote bags, note pads, and writing pens.

There are many reasons to share promo gifts. Businesses frequently use these items as trade show giveaways or thank you gifts to loyal customers. They are perfect for showing appreciation to employees for a job well done. They are an affordable way to develop goodwill and strengthen relationships.

A great way to earn a favorable opinion is to buy promotional merchandise that offers value to recipients. Items also need be reflective of your company’s personality. For instance, a health spa might provide relaxation gifts like cooling eye masks or scented bath salts.


Technology companies might give away custom USB flash drives or laser pens. A sporting goods business could distribute logo imprinted water bottles or canteens. Choosing items that represent your brand helps people better understand your business.

For obvious reasons, promo merchandise ought to be heavily branded. At the very least, giveaway products should have a logo and phone number or website address. Imprinting contact information and logos not only helps recipients’ get in touch at a later time, it also aids in building brand recognition.

Some items are too small to include much more than a logo, so it’s important to have a great design. If you don’t have a logo or are unhappy with the current design take time to change it into something you’re proud of.

It’s advisable to hire a reputable graphic artist that can create a company logo and transfer it into several different mediums. Logos ought to be appealing in color, grey scale, or black and white, as well as various sizes.

Keep in mind that logos are used for everything from tiny social networking icons to gigantic billboard displays. Getting graphics to look good in various formats is a task that should be left to professionals.

Most people can identify the logo of their favorite sports team, restaurant, or clothing label. To achieve that much recognition entails using your business logo in a consistent manner.

Everything should have a uniform look and feel. This includes business cards, marketing pamphlets, trade show tablecloths, banners, signage, and anything else associated with your company. Providing a consistent look goes a long way in helping people remember your brand.

It’s not uncommon for business people to feel overwhelmed when attempting to build brand recognition. A simple solution is to work with a promotional products company that has a graphic artist on staff. Working with pros can ease the anxiety and turn an exhausting process into a fun event.

Giving away unique promotional items is a proven way to get people interested in your business, as well as retain customers and employees. Taking time to select gifts that people will use, enjoy, and get benefit from will help solidify relationships and encourage people to do business with you.

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