Dispelling The Myths Behind Cosmetic Surgery

Dispelling The Myths Behind Cosmetic Surgery


Anna Stenning

Over the years cosmetic surgery has come under the media spotlight, with many of the news reportedly stating that more people are turning to surgery as if it is a normal lifestyle change. The fact that almost thirty years ago this was seen as a rich person’s procedure and was made a fashion statement by some well to-do celebrities, makes it all the more obvious on much people’s attitude to plastic surgery has changed. A hand full of celebrities have gained notoriety in their quest for perfection and preserving a youthful appearance due to the continual pressures of posing a picture perfect image.

However, if cosmetic surgery is such a controversial issue why are so many people flocking to have surgical intervention to improve the shape of their nose, or have their eyebrows enhanced or even get a tummy tuck? Could it be the thought of being physically reshaped and cut open or even having your skin stretched over that the process resonates a sense of unnaturalness? Is it a completely unnatural thing to have done if the procedure has been present in our world for more than a hundred years?

Such questions raise concerning arguments for and against the actual procedure. Since its inception in Ancient India one is left to sit on the fence on whether getting surgery for purely aesthetic reasons should is an ethical procedure, or an overpriced waste of time. Reasons against the procedure seems much more flawed than reasons for it, however as times have changed, medical advancement have proven more than capable of producing impressive results it is safe to say that this kind of surgery serves its purpose in more ways than one.


Cosmetic surgery has in fact helped many people who may have suffered physical afflictions that leave behind indelible marks and resulting in the need for surgical intervention. Some are born with unusual birth marks across the face or in conspicuous areas that can very often leave the person feeling self conscience, with a low self esteem or even feelings of insecurity. The way a person looks can have a dramatic affect on the way people react to you, hence the saying first impressions always count.

Evidence of the Ancient Egyptians reveals that reconstructive surgery was performed by priest doctors in 1600BC. Of these recordings and case histories, these described in detail of what appears to early descriptions of what is now known as the rhinoplasty procedure. However, rhinoplasty would not be introduced as breakthrough in reconstructive surgery until almost 1000 years later, where Ancient India used the procedure of nasal amputation and reconstruction for various medical findings. Nasal amputation was common amongst the people as a form of punishment.

From India, surgeons travelled to Europe whereby cosmetic surgery was picked up by medical surgeons and the procedure became more open to the privileged few. This was not as widely available back then as it is now; however, patients who had suffered physical impairments during the war had benefited most from it. Cosmetic surgery saw a shift from being just a necessary procedure, or improving scars and marks, to a major cosmetic industry. Once the richer and wealthier people found a chance to use this to their own advantage, they flocked to the chance to completely transform the way they looked in a bid to achieve the look that they had wanted.

The fact that some people have become obsessed with going under the knife and would repeatedly go in for surgery, raised concerns over the affects of cosmetic surgery on peoples health. Whilst there have been some instances of celebrities falling into the trap of suffering from reactions to specific procedures, there is no cause for concern of whether this is damaging to one’s health. Surgery of this kind has proven to improve one’s life and elevate people’s confidence.

Over the years the procedure has successfully improved peoples appearances where they may have been left with an unwanted scars or marks due to a severe accident, or were born with an abnormality. This procedure holds its place as being a necessary procedure for improving one’s health, as opposed to being an exclusive procedure for celebrities.

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