Large Table Lamps Make Great New Trendy Collectables!

By Terry Henman

People collect all sorts of things, some, old time favourites such as postcards or stamps, however, latest trends are favouring collectables which are functional and can be found from a wide variety of different sources, which of course is all part of the fun of collecting!

If you love light, design styles, ceramics, glass or simply adore colour what could be better than a collection of table lamps!

The great thing about personal collections is they can be anything you want! It’s your choice and your passion which others make think odd or strange, but if your collectables make you happy and brighten your living space so much the better!

One of the key interior design style fundamentals is to ensure that your collectables are displayed in appropriate way, otherwise your home can end up looking liking a retailers rather than a home!


Display your objects of desire in groups of three or five as these odd numbers are considered to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is also a good idea to display large objects in a quirky manner, such as placing a table lamp on a set of stacked suitcases rather than a shelf!

Practical items are also a great way to beat the credit crunch! Search boot fairs, jumble sales, scour charity shops or check high street or online discount stores to find some great bargains. A word of caution, if you do collect electrical items such as lamps, make sure the are one hundred percent safe before plugging them in. Without wanting to scaremonger, faulty wiring in lamps are one of main causes of house fires. Take your items to a local electricians and have them checked for safety if you have brought second hand as it is far better to be safe than sorry.

There are some great styles in both old and new lamps to be found. For those who adore Art Deco and Art Noveau a Tiffany lamp would make a great find, however an authentic Tiffany lamp will be very expensive! While lamps from the sixties have their own chic style and some very vibrant colours! Lava lamps are back in-vogue and can be found at any lighting store in a riot of different colours.

Table lamps are a great inclusion in any interior design style of room. Traditional floor lamps with huge shades with pompom fringes are the quintessential design if you have a cottage style lounge, especially if they have a large floral pattern on!

More modern designs include cylindrical plinth styles or the latest design trend of black and white chandelier styles. While contemporary styles favour large floor lamps with a Moroccan style in deep reds and oranges to produce some wonderful diffused lighting effects in the bedroom.

Finding cheap or discount table lamps with beautiful bases are a great way to add a colourful focal point to a living space. If you don’t like the style or colour of the lamp’s shade you could change it for a plain fabric one to match your room’s colour scheme and design style!

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