Perks Of Having A Virtual Assistant Alliance Office

Perks of Having a Virtual Assistant- Alliance Office


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Before, managers and business owners hire personal assistants and office clerks to perform administrative functions.

Business offices have various clerical activities which also require a certain level of skill. Filing, organizing, coding, taking office instructions, and scheduling are menial tasks which office managers delegate to office assistants and clerks to keep the smooth flow of office operations.


But personal assistants and office clerks may now be a thing of the past. Changes in technology, telecommunications, economy and business management models have given rise to the virtual assistants. Virtual assistants perform many of the functions as ordinary office clerks do except that they have never met their boss or managers in person.

Virtual assistants mainly rely on telecommuting devices such as mobile phones, email, VOIP, and fax to deliver their jobs to the manager. The main reason why many are hiring virtual assistants is that they reduce overhead costs of office operations. For one, business owners and employers are not required to pay for fringe benefits such as health care and dental. Virtual assistants are paid by the hour and on contractual and per project basis. This also means that compensation is often specific and fixed. Negotiations are common, depending on the kind of job and skills sets required to complete them.

Hiring virtual assistants also lessens the workload on the part of the employer. Many small-business owners multi-task, from strategic office planning, to marketing campaigning and scheduling of tasks. To avoid burnout and information overload, virtual assistants are there to reduce workload, by taking on more administrative and minor office functions. They are also there to assist the employer with business plans as well. By hiring a reliable virtual assistant who has professionalism, work ethic and technical skills, the business operations are maintained without the added stress for the business owner.

Having a virtual assistant reduce office costs. Unlike a traditional office set-up, virtual assistants do not require office space and office equipment. Most of them work from home, in different geographic locations. They are very mobile. Thus, many virtual assistants already have the necessary office facilities and telecommuting devices to be able to deliver their jobs. This reduces costs in terms of electricity, renting office space and buying office furniture. Virtual assistants are highly flexible. As long as one knows how to contact and monitor them, they help maintain smooth flow of office operations. Virtual assistants are the office assistants of the future.

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