The Eu Followed The U.S. Anti Dumping Steel In China Reached 90%

By Himfr Tian

China’s steel industry has suffered this year, foreign anti-dumping investigation has yet to stop, in the United States launched many of China’s steel exports varieties of anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation, the European Union have followed, will China’s exports to the EU iron and non alloy welded pipes up to 90 collection % anti-dumping duty. The industry believes that countries are likely to further raise the export tariffs on steel, especially steel and steel pipe.

The European Commission published the final ruling before the disclosure shows that Chinese exports to the EU proposal on non-alloy welded iron and 90% levy anti-dumping tax, while the other involved countries such as Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Belarus and Ukraine, the tax rate from 9% to 44% range.

According to report, the European Commission is on September 26 last year launched the investigation, the product concerned, as heading the investigation period of July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007, alternative country the United States.


With the rapid development of Chinese steel industry, steel production capacity rapidly, has basically made of, so start the last few years a large number of domestic firms export line pipe products to the United States, Canada and Europe, and the price of the product was lower than Germany, Japan and the U.S. companies. The production and export of enterprises including Baosteel, Wuhan Steel, Anshan, Nanjing Steel, Shougang Group and a number of large domestic steel mills.

Last year, the United States has twice launched on China steel thin-walled rectangular pipe and weld the anti dumping and countervailing investigations, my steel research center (MRI) analyst Chen Jian pointed out that too much focus on product distribution, coupled with significant price difference is a major cause of foreign anti-dumping cause.

China Steel Industry Association, a person is revealed to the media, in the great steel exports, the traditional steel production, export manufacturers increase is not significant, contrary to many small steel mills or traders have joined the ranks of steel exports, and some even is to re-export of steel imported into the domestic money, which resulted in China’s steel exports surge in appearance, but the number has increased sharply, does not mean that the export price is below cost “dumping” because China’s exports to the U.S. steel prices in the domestic selling price even higher.

To control of steel exports last year, many countries introduced export control measures of steel, rolled steel exports this year have also been controlled to some extent, but in August exports rebound to new highs again, this, Executive Vice President of China Steel Industry Association Luo told reporters recently revealed long believed that the national steel exports have the potential to further strengthen, but he suggested that the state could abolish steel export tax rebate are subject to export duties or when able to distinguish between different varieties of steel, such as nominal exports of other alloy rod and wire.

Zhang Ping, an analyst at the Joint of metal mesh is also predicted for seamless regulation to abolish its current 5% tax rebate can enjoy a certain degree of effect, but due to frequent trade friction steel pipe exports at present, did not dismiss further tax 10% possibilities.

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