Top Cd Stores And Available Cd Sets In The Market

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A CD is an optical disc used for storing digital data commonly developed for storing digital audio. CDs are available in numerous types such as blank CDs, and CD cleaners.

List of Some Top CD or Compact Disc Stores

Compact Disc Repairman

This store offers a wide variety of protection and disc repair supplies and disc accessories. The company has a machine that cleans the lens or CD reader of DVD, VCD, Xbox, Play Station and Wii. The store s complete address is #7942 West Bell Road, Arizona. For more information about their products call them at (623) 776-0200 or fax them at (623) 776-1311.

Music and Media Store

This unique store is situated at the North Business Center in the United States. They offer a complete line of music to choose from such as themed style songs, classical songs, acoustic, pop and R&B (rhythm and blues). It also sells numerous types of music players. The company has a program on how to switch to CD. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Princeton Record Compact Disc Store

This store sells blank CDs, CD cleaners, MP3 Players and so much more. It is a family-owned business proud of its helpful and friendly staff to help you buy and select from their product line. The company also sells all types of CDs including play station CDs, video CDs and music CDs. The complete address of this company is #20 South Tulane Street, Princeton, New Jersey.

American Complete CDs Store

This store provides complete types of CDs. the company has personnel that can help you in purchasing the best blank CDs. MP3 players and so much more. It also has a program to teach their consumer to clean and repair the CDs. The store s complete address is #56 American Dust Street, Oakland, California.

Big Monkey Compact Disc Shop

This American based shop is situated in the historic place of the United States. The shop offers big discounts on all their products. The shops purchase recycled MP3 players, CDs, DVD and VCD players.

Available CD Sets in the Market

Celtic Spirit 4-CD Set

This CD set has more than 70 popular songs with a Celtic twist. This melodic music collection is the perfect for Celtic music lovers. The melodic music collection includes 4 jam-packed CDs with latest Celtic versions of such favorite songs as Field of Gold, Caribbean Blue, Girl You ll be a Woman Soon, and so much more. It has more than 4 hours of listening enjoyment.

Praise and Worship 7-CD Set

This inspiring CD set from the Campus Crusade for Christ have ministered to thousands of people around the globe. It is perfect to use for personal devotions, in bible studies, informal times of fellowship, and Sunday school classes.

The CD has more than 140 praise songs including His Name is Wonderful, He is Lord, Thou Art Worthy, One Thing is Needful, Open My Eyes Lord, Surely the Presence, I Love You Lord and so much more. The price of this CD set average from 89 to 99 US dollars.

The Real 80s 3-CD Set

This CD set brings the greatest pop hits of the 1980s. It offers 3 compact discs featuring about 30 unforgettable and original recording from the original artist. CD sets track lists includes Jessie s Girl, I Can t Go for That, Hold Me Now, Broken Wings, Under the Milky Way, You Don t Want Me Anymore, Make Me Lose Control, The One that You Love, and so much more. The average price of this CD sets is about 10 to 25 US dollars.

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