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If strength training is your thing and you havn’t got the time to drive to the health spa every day then put your time and money to good use and invest in a home gym. The best strength training home gyms on the market provide you with the option of going heavy with the weight load and also allow you to benefit from a reliable self spotting mechanism. This combination of safety and power lifting can only be accomplished by using a leverage home gym. You don’t need thousands of square feet of extra space and you don’t need thousands of dollars to get the leverage home gym of your dreams! For serious weight lifters the best option available is the Body Solid SBL460P4 Leverage Home Gym.

The quality and strength of the materials that are used to make the equipment are essential to provide home gym enthusiasts with the strongest and most durable leverage home gym available. Body Solid stands by their products with a lifetime warranty – no questions asked! The extra large and extra strong steel mainframe with all four side welded construction is the strongest in its class! The Durafirm pads and upholstery are guaranteed for life to never bottom out on you. Both of these considerations will be important in your long term home gym power lifting endeavors.


Take into consideration how much you can accomplish in the amount of space that you have available. Usually home workout space is limited so you want to get as many workout options as possible in as small amount of space as possible. The size dimensions of the machine are as follows: Basic unit (without bench) 83″H x 104″ x 107″ Bench: 32″H (53″ Inclined) x 74″ x 28″. In this relatively small amount of space you are able to facilitate what a health club would need an entire gym floor to accomplish. The Body Solid SBL460P4 leverage home gym provides just that. In the amount of space that usually would make up a small bedroom you can perform over 40 basic exercises and we don’t even need to get creative to fill out the list. From flat, incline, decline bench to squats, leg curls and even wrist curls; its all here.

Compact size and multi exercise options are not the only home gym considerations that the Body Solid Leverage system meets and surpasses. Another aspect that exercise enthusiasts (especially strength trainers) must take into consideration is safety. With the leverage system, the self spotting mechanisms will allow you to max out at every station and prevent you from getting pinned under heavy weight loads.

If strength training is your objective you need to take safety, affordability, exercise options and space into serious consideration. The special attributes of Body Solid leverage home gym package make it an easy choice for the strength training enthusiast. Don’t settle for used equipment or space consuming contraptions with lower exercise options and no warranty protection. You may save a couple of bucks but in the long run you will pay dearly for trying to cut corners! You will get discouraged and end up having to drive all the way to the health club to finish the other half of your workout, which just costs you more in the long run. Believe me – with home gym equipment you get what you pay for and the Body Solid team makes it all accessible at a very affordable price.

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