Top 15 Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Website Scripts

Now, let us look at some of thecrypto exchange clone scripts provided by Bitdeal in detail.

15 clone script to start your crypto exchange like binance, bitstamp and more#1 Binance Clone Script It is a website script that comprises of all the properties and features of the topmost crypto exchange Binance. Check demo ofbinance clone script

Why as like Binance?Binance is a Japan-based crypto exchange platform that supports for more than 100+ crypto-coins. It provides its exchange services all over the globe and has 4 million active users per day.Binance is multi-language support and high-frequency trading systems.

#2 Bitstamp Clone Script A clone website script, that consist of all the features of the top bitcoin exchange bitstamp.

Highlights of Bitstamp Bitstamp is a European cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded in 2011.Bitstamp is known for guaranteed trading, trustworthy fund security, trading speed, user-friendliness, and less likely to hack features.It charges 0.25% as a service fee and reaches annual revenue of around $17.9M.

#3 Bithump Clone Script

It is a website clone script, that has all the existing features, trading plug-ins of Bithumb exchange platform.

Why like Bithump?

Bithump was the first launched Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange platform currently owned and maintained by a South Korean company BTC Co Ltd.Bithump provides security features like 2 verification to make withdrawal, SMS notifications, KYC compulsory and many other aspects.It also provides coupons, price notifications, and all time customer support

#4 Coinbase Clone ScriptIt is a website clone script that has all the existing and enhanced features, trading plug-ins as like coinbase.

Highlights of Coinbase

Coinbase is a US-based crypto exchange that supports for both fiat-to-crypto coins and crypto-to-crypto-coins. Coinbase hits an annual revenue of $ 1 billion USD in 2017 and makes the highest revenue every year. Coinbase has 13,300,000 + active users approximately and uses AES-256 encryption method for the security process.

#5 Bitfinex Clone ScriptIt is a website script that comprises of all the factors present in the top-most exchange Bitfinex.

Why like Bitfinex?Bitfinex is a platform that allows professionals to trade cryptocurrencies, owned by iFinex Inc. and located in Hong-Kong.Bitfinex is known for its features like margin trading, margin funding, orders placement, exchange,etc.,.

#6 Poloniex Clone Script

A website clone script that has all the existing and enhanced features, trading plug-ins like Poloniex.

Highlights of Poloniex

Poloniex is a pure crypto-crypto exchange platform that offers advanced trading options with maximum security for traders. It purely supports for crypto to crypto exchanges alone.Poloniex is the best and user-friendly US Based exchange which extend its trading services all over the globe.

#7 Okex Clone Script It is a website clone script that consists of all existing features of OKEX platform with additional features and plug-ins.

Why like Okex?Okex is an exchange platform that supports centralized digital assets exchange and it is Malta-based Crypto Exchange Platform that supports for only cryptocurrency payments.It is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a safe, reliable and trusted environment for digital assets tradingOKEX provides margin trading, Security Response Center, low transaction charges and lot more.

#8 Paxful Clone ScriptA website clone script to start an exchange like paxful.

Why as like Paxful?Paxful is a US-based platform that allows for cryptocurrency exchange and also for buying Bitcoin as like Local Bitcoin. Paxful is a US-based crypto platform launched in 2015, which allows for simple, fair and secure trading and which supports for more than 300 payment methods. Paxful involves many verification steps to make a secured transaction and it doesn’t provide its services in some countries.

#9 Krakenn Clone Script It is a website script that has all existing properties of Krakenn exchange platform to start your own exchange as like Krakenn.

Highlights of KrakennKrakenn is one of the leading US-Based cryptocurrency exchange platform established in 2011.Krakenn, the top cryptocurrency exchange that makes high revenue and has higher trade volume than other exchanges and provides service all over the world.

#10 Upbit Clone ScriptA website clone script that has the features and API’s as like upbit cryptocurrency exchange.

Highlights of Upbit Upbit is the largest South Korea – based cryptocurrency exchange founded in October 2017 in partnership with Bittrex, the trusted US-based exchange.

Upbit generated $100 million and offers trading with the South Korean won (KRW ).Upfit supports for 359 cryptocurrency pairs and the most active pairs on Upbits are BTC/KRW,XRP/KRW,ETH/KRW and more.

#11 Coinone Clone Script A website script that involves the features and API’s as like coinone cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Highlights of CoinoneCoinone is another South Korea-based exchange that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency. Coinone also supports trading with KRW and for margin trading services.

Coinone has launched Cross – an app utilizing Ripple’s xCurrent product for speedy cross-border payments. Coinone was launched in 2014 and the most active crypto pairs on coinone are BTC/KRW,XRP/KRW,ETH/KRW,etc.,.

#12 Korbit Clone Script A website script that is developed with all the features and plugins of Korbit exchange is known as Korbit clone script.

Highlights of Korbit

Korbit is a leading digital assets exchange launched in 2013 in South Korea. It mainly supports for BTC, ETH and also allows users to buy ripple.

Korbit allows for pairing with KRW and the most active pairing are BTC/KRW, XRP/KRW, ETH/KRW, etc. The trade volume of Korbit exchange is $18,742,383 USD ie., 1,474 BTC.

#13 Bitflyer Clone Script It is a script to develop an exchange as like Bitflyer with lot more additional factors and APIs.

Why like Bitflyer?

As launched in 2014,Bitflyer is a Japan based crypto asset exchange platform that posses the highest trade volume in Japan.It is known for its trustworthiness and low fees, which makes its traders and trade volume higher and higher.

#14 Coincheck Clone Script It is a website script to start your own cryptocurrency exchange as like Coincheck platform.

Why like Coincheck?Coincheck is a Tokyo-based crypto exchange service platform that supports for crypto trading as well as wallet services, launched in 2014.Coincheck is one of the secured platforms to transfer cryptos globally as it involves two-way verification, cold wallet and system security for easy and secured transactions.

#15 Gemini Clone Script

It is a website script that consists of all the characteristic features of the top exchange platform Gemini.

Highlights of GeminiGemini is one of the regulated New-york based crypto exchange Platform that is so safe, powerful, trusted, a faster platform to buy and sell digital currencies.Gemini involves APIs for crypto cybersecurity and it is also known as custodian.

#16 Bitmax Clone ScriptWebsite Script to start a platform like Bitmax.

Highlights of BitmaxBitmax is a cryptocurrency trading platform that supports multi trading platform access.It provides margin trading, minning and other features for their registered traders.Bitmax allows for crypto pairing and most active crypto pairing on Bitmax is BTMX/USDT.

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