Are Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery The Same Thing

Are Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery the Same Thing


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Many people mistake cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery as being the same procedures. However, the two operations have marked differences. While both surgeries alter the way people look, the reasons people undergo either procedure varies. Before patients contact their surgeon for a surgical consultation, they may want to be aware of the differences between cosmetic and plastic surgery.

People who consider cosmetic surgery, in fact, often do so because they want to make a superficial change to their bodies. Common cosmetic surgeries include breast enhancements, tummy tucks, and liposuction. These procedures enhance the way a person\’s body appears and allows people to look more fit and appealing. Most patients opt for this kind of surgery because they regret the way a certain body part looks or they want to undo the damage brought on by childbirth, aging, or lack of exercise.

Despite most patients having no urgent medical need for this kind of surgery, cosmetic surgery still holds an important part in the medical community. People who suffer from low self-esteem or depression often benefit greatly from this procedure and are able to live improved lives after they recover from their cosmetic alteration.


On the other hand, plastic surgery often comes into play when patients have a pressing medical need for such an operation. This procedure is used when people have birth defects or suffer from damaged body parts due to an accident,injury, or illness. Plastic surgery also allows people to look and feel better; however, people generally do not undergo this operation for superficial purposes. They need this surgery to allow them to escape pain and to resume a normal way of living.

Unlike cosmetic surgery, which is often only applicable to patients over a certain age, plastic surgery can be performed on patients of all ages. While cosmetic surgeons often stipulate that their clients be over the age of 18, plastic surgeons perform their procedures on the youngest of patients, including newborn babies. Plastic surgery corrects abnormalities that may arise from birth defects, making this procedure necessary for an infant\’s survival.

Likewise, burn victims and people who have been injured on the job or in an accident often rely on plastic surgeons to help them recover from such damage. Plastic surgeons can graft skin to cover burns and scars. They can reconstruct a person\’s nose that has been damaged due to an accident. As with cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery also holds great importance in the medical community. However, the patients who opt for these procedures often do so as a way of recovering from a defect or devastating injury.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery both involve altering the way people\’s bodies appear. They both involve many of the same risks and benefits. However, the two operations differ in the kinds of patients both serve. When people want superficial changes, but have no underlying medical need, they often choose cosmetic surgery. People who suffer from physical damage due to defects, injuries, or illnesses typically opt for plastic surgery procedures.

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