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kvinlxCOSH is a multi-speciality hospital with state-of the art facilities required for any type of surgery. We strive to be the best hospital amongst any other clinics and serve the local community providing them with the best-inclass medical facilities through our multiple clinics. In most hospitals and clinics, it has been a practice to refer patients to a specialised institution owing to the lack of facilities. Ours is a Multi Speciality Hospital with multi departmental clinics where you could find solutions for all your health needs. We specialize in advanced surgeries done by our experts specialists in various departments.

India is a developing country which has a lot of variation in providing health care service. Our aim is to establish a comprehensive system which would provide health care in suburban areas. The growth so far is due to team work. Our Team comprises of skilled professionals with aptitude for treating patients with practical and scientific knowledge. We emphasise on system and protocol which gives scientific perfection. We have all the recent advancements like arthroscopy, minimally invasive spine surgery and joint replacements which enable patients to recoup fast post-operatively. We also believe in healthy working atmosphere and ecosystem.

My dream for coming years is to make COSH a super specialty best hospital on par with international standards. Our nursing unit started recently which is the first step in making COSH an Educational institution. My team members and I strongly believe that we reap what we sow


I would like to express my appreciation to all the consultants, paramedics and administrative staff in making COSH what it is today. I believe that this is only a beginning and there a lot more is to be achieved in the future.

As there are no official huge cuts, postoperative discomfort is little. Since muscle cells and cells are not eliminated from their roots on bone cells, again the quantity of swelling is little. Restoration can be quicker as it is not necessary for muscle cells to cure returning. Cosmetically the process is very fulfilling. There are no psychological marks of start surgery treatment. Come returning to game or perform is quicker, medical center remains are more compact and hence expenses are more compact. However arthroscopic devices is costly to seek the services of or have and choices has to restore the price of dispensable products like blades, suture anchor bolts. This is balanced out by tremendous individual fulfillment.

Arthroscopic surgery treatment by its simple characteristics provides an opportunity to the orthopaedic physician to analyze the internal of a combined. After Joint arthroscopy, the neck is the combined which is suitable for arthroscopic surgery treatment. Other joint parts are the foot, hand and shoulder. Indians and The natives in the Beach get only short means of leave to spend with their near and beloved ones. They would benefit from going through Arthroscopic neck surgery treatment for neck discomfort as the recovery has a smaller footprint sized.

The circumstances handled by start surgery treatment previously are now curable by arthroscopic surgery treatment with amazing success. Some previously unidentified circumstances have been clinically diagnosed after the coming of arthroscopic surgery treatment.

Any agonizing or volatile condition of the neck except end level joint disease can be handled by arthroscopic surgery treatment. Shoulder alternative is not yet possible arthroscopically, but with non-invasive orthopaedic surgery treatment capturing up, that may not be far off. It is certainly possible to present prosthesis for bone fracture fixation through key gap cuts and the same may be prolonged to combined alternative as well.

Arthroscopy can be analytic to validate or make the analysis. X -rays do not expose smooth cells pathology and many sufferers are disappointed when their orthopaedic physician dismisses their discomfort as of no importance just because the X-ray is normal. MRI and super sound are useful non obtrusive research but is owner reliant and need good musculo skeletal radiologists to understand them.

Rotator cuff disease, uncertainty, impingement due to bony outgrowths from the clavicle or the acromio clavicular joint can be reduce arthroscopically. Attacks can be cleared. Recalcitrant calcium remains can be needled and a frozen neck can be launched arthroscopically. SLAP patches are debrided and rebuilt by this method through little key gap cuts.

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