Improve Your Abdominal Workouts With Pilates Mat Exercises

Improve Your Abdominal Workouts With Pilates Mat Exercises


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If you would like your body to have more flexibility, then you should definitely engage in Pilates mat exercises. The exercises tone muscles without adding bulk. For most women, this is highly desirable. According to a study published by NCBI, Pilates training increases the activation of Obliquus internus (OI) and Transversus abdominus. You can easily perform these exercises at home using a suitable mat. Ideally, the mat should be able to support your body weight and still retain its shape. The following are

some of the Pilates mat exercises

you can perform at home.

The Teaser


This is a great workout for your abdominals. Start the teaser workout by lying on your back and planting the soles of your feet firmly on the floor. At the same time, squeeze your knees together and stretch your arms overhead. Since breathing is a key part of this exercise, make sure you inhale and exhale by focusing on your spine. Bring your arms forward and follow them with your torso and head. After this movement, bring your body to a semi-sitting/lying down position. This position will really work out your abdominal muscles. Hold this position for about three seconds before lowering your body. Repeat the exercise six to eight times.

The Crisscross

Unlike the teaser, the crisscross focuses simultaneously on both the legs and abdominals. To begin this workout, lie down and put your hands behind your head. While in this position, move your knees toward your chest and raise your head at the same time. Follow this motion with a straightened out right leg while twisting and lifting your torso until your right elbow touches your left knee. Maintain this position for about two seconds and then repeat the same routine with the left side of your body. As you exercise, ensure that you exhale deeply and keep your shoulders as far away from the floor as possible.

The Hundred

This Pilates exercise targets the abdominals exclusively. With your back on the floor, bring your knees all the way to your chest. Remember to breathe out as your abdomen contracts. Keep your arms straight on the floor and then lift your legs straight up, and then raise your head and shoulders to face your raised feet. While in this position, ensure there is no space left between your thighs. Hold this position and move your arms up and down quickly. Continue this motion for about five seconds and then lower your legs halfway down. Keep your legs in this position as you count up to 50 or 100. This is a good and

effective abs workout


Unlike other exercises, Pilates focuses on toning your physique. If you are new to Pilates mat exercises, consult a professional instructor. For people with health conditions, it is wise to consult a qualified physician first before partaking in the exercises. If you stick to a regular Pilates routine, your core strength and flexibility will improve significantly.

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