Self Massage Treatment For Dead Leg Injury

By Terry Small

Dead leg injury is commonly acquired through a forceful impact which is very common in contact sports. It can also be received through a car accident or an accidental bumping with force on a blunt object or corner. Also known as charley horse or quadriceps contusion, it is a type of injury that will put you on the sideline if you are an athlete.

When it comes to treating a dead leg injury, you can always opt for massage therapies especially for grade 1 damages. Even at damages inflicting a grade 3 injury, sports massage and other alternative bodywork treatments are also being used as soon as the pain goes away. Like other types of sports-related injuries, the patient himself or herself can provide self-treatment in order to help speed up the healing and recovery process. Massage is among the top and commonly used self-care remedies that can make a lot of impact to the improvement of a person’s condition.

Self-massage has many advantages and benefit to a patient. One of the notable pros you can receive from a self-care session is the capability to provide service anywhere and anytime you want. In addition, you would not require the service of a highly trained physical or massage therapist in order to help you relieve the pain as you can do it by yourself. One thing to remember in self-massage therapies though is to make sure that you are not overstressing your body with too much massage in return. Massaging the injury on the specific spot is also a bad thing to do as it would cause pain and other problems in the long run.


When performing self-massage, you can either use oil, cream, or any type of medium that will act as a lubricant to prevent friction and discomfort during the therapy session. Choosing a quiet place is also helpful in providing a better treatment session. If you want to remove your lower clothes during the therapy session, you need to get an area where you will have privacy. Your bedroom is a good place for you to perform the massage therapy as it will provide privacy for you.

— Effleurage – it is a type of massage technique that provides long strokes on the skin of the patient. It is commonly used as a warm-up technique in preparation for deep-tissue massage strokes. This type of massage stroke requires the use of a lubricant in order to avoid causing discomfort and pain during the maneuvering of the hands. Use a light, gentle stroke on the lower limbs surrounding the injured area. Do not massage the affected spot as this will cause pain, bruising, and swelling in return.

— Deep Effleurage – similar to the above-mentioned stroke, this one does the effleurage at a deeper level. Oil is also used to help with the massage process.

— Circular Friction – apply deep sustained pressure on the muscle stretches while feeling the tissues underneath. The thumb is usually used to press and reinforce pressure on the muscle tissues in order to remove bumps, knots, and lumps.

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