Medical Imaging Machines

byAlma Abell

X rays are among the most valuable equipment in the hospital. Many lives have been saved by the use of this camera-like device. Diagnostic x rays are useful in detecting abnormalities within the body. They are the pain-free procedure to examine broken bones, dental decay, tumors and the presence of foreign bodies. X-ray industries manufacture these machines.

The X-ray machine manufacturing industry

This industry manufactures diagnostic X-ray imaging machines, including combination X-ray/CT scanners. Manufacturers who produced X-ray, parts and accessories comprised the industry. However, manufacturers of X-ray films are not included in the industry.

Industry products

  • General X-rays
  • Specialized X-rays
  • Medical information systems
  • X-ray/CT scans

The X-ray Machine

In the core of the X-ray machine are the anode and cathode – the electrode combo. The machine is essentially a camera. Instead of visible light, however, it uses X-rays to show the film. X-rays are similar to light for they are electromagnetic waves, but they are more energetic so they can pass through materials in different capacity. Bone, fat, muscle, tumors and other masses all absorb X-rays at varied tiers different levels, you see on the film images of different (distinct) internal structures of the body due to varied levels of exposure on the film.

Characteristics of X-rays

  • Invisible.
  • Are electrically neutral, neither a positive nor a negative charge.
  • Cannot be accelerated or made to change direction by a magnet.
  • Have no mass.
  • Unable to focus optically.
  • Form a polyenergetic or heterogenous beam.
  • Travel following a line.
  • Absorbable or dispersed by human body tissues.
  • Can produce secondary radiation.
  • Damage living tissues biologically and chemically


An X-ray is a common imaging test that has been used for years to enable doctors view the inside of the body without making incisions. Today, X-ray Industries are kept busy manufacturing the machines (including X-ray/CT scanners) parts and accessories .They are looking for ways to produce better machines that could be in par with the fast advancement of modern life. Today, different types of X-rays are utilized for specialized purpose purposes. For example, in mammograms, they are used to examine the mammary glands and the barium enema to detect bowel problems. In the airport, they used X-rays to scan your suitcases.

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