Benefits Of Shea Butter}

Benefits of Shea Butter


Prenoy YonerpShea butter is a natural fat extracted from the seed of the African shea tree. It is slightly yellowish or ivory in color and used in a variety of ways.The benefits of shea butter cosmetics are virtually endless. When applied to the skin, it can transform the loo and feel of it withing just a few weeks.The butter from the shea nut also contains vitamin E which is well known for its anti-aging benefits as well as free radical expulsion characteristics, plus it increases micro-circulation in the skin.There are also shea butter products useful for medicinal purposes, such as the treatment of insect bites, burns and even scarring.In it’s purest form, this substance contains an exceptionally large ‘healing fraction’, meaning it contains important nutrients, vitamins, and other valuable phytonutrients needed for healing the skin.regular use of shea butter can alleviate a wide range of skin problems like allergies, itching, frost bite, small skin wounds, and even more serious condition like psoriasis and eczema.Shea butter is used in, natural, homemade lotion, lip balms and overnight face cream. These natural body products provide a multitude of skin care benefits!When it is used in combination with emu oil, in homemade lotion, inflamed, sore, painful muscles and joints are soothed and relieved.Men find shaving with it creates a smooth silky shaving experience. Poison ivy and poison oak sufferers also find relief in the butter. Skin damage from hot cooking grease or burns from the sun heal quickly when quality butter is applied as directed. The fruit of the shea tree is crushed and boiled in order to extract the vegetable fat. This in turn is used not only as a food source but in a number of shea butter products.Apply shea butter moisturizers while skin is still damp to help seal in moisture. For moisturizing dry skin, rich buttery textured creams work best. Body butters and creams that contain 20 to 100% shea butter are very beneficial for hydrating and protecting dry skin.It is important to make sure that you purchase only pure shea butter, and that it is as fresh as possible in order to get the full benefit. Sometimes, shea butter products have been adulterated with perfumes and cheap “fillers.”This natural substance is used a variety of ways! Try, mild and gentle, natural, homemade beauty products, handcrafted with shea butter. These natural body products help to provide wonderful and beautiful results!If you want to see a more youthful you in the mirror each morning, not only should you use shea butter cosmetics that contains the highest quality extract of this wonderful substance, you should also use products that address the major causes of aging skin.

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