Preventing Dog Bites

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People do not think about dog bites as being a traumatic event but what if the victim is a child? Each year there are 800,000 children admitted to the hospital with injuries resulting from bites from a dog. They are especially damaging to children because they are closer to the dogs height so it is easier for them to be bitten in the face or on the neck. Also, their smaller size allows the teeth to penetrate deeper and cause more damage. Some injuries are so severe that a plastic surgeon has to be called in for reconstructive surgery and have resulted in post traumatic stress disorder and depression. Sometimes, several plastic surgeries are required to limit the amount of disfiguring of the face, ears or wherever the bite occurred. Many of the parents of these children have had to hire an Atlanta dog bite attorney to protect their rights in court and get compensation for their injures.

Some of the ways to avoid being bitten is:

Choose your dog carefully and make sure its personality is a good fit for your family and gets along well with others.

Never leave children alone with a dog unsupervised.


Give your dog gradual exposure to other dogs and people from the time that they are puppies. If they have not been socialized and are thrust into a tense situation then they may react by biting.

Do not play aggressive games with your dog or allow them to bite you while playing. That reinforces the idea that it is ok to bite a human. What is a play bite to a grown up could seriously injure a child.

Teach your child to always ask the animals owner before petting or playing with it, don t just go up and put your hand toward it head and start petting.

Never run from a dog or startle it while sleeping.

If a dog is threatening you, do not look it in the eyes. Remain still and calm and if possible, back away slowly.

When you or your child are meeting a dog for the first time, let it sniff your hand before trying to pet it. When you do pet it stay away from the head and tail at first, it will calm the dog and let it know that you have friendly intentions. If the dogs growls, do not get any closer to it. If the dog is wagging its tail, it is probably okay.

If these precautions do not work and you are bitten then you should contact an Atlanta dog bite attorney. Some people have lost work or incurred serious debt from medical bills resulting from a dog bite. If the owner is uninsured or is fighting your right for compensation then an Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer can help you. If you cannot find an Atlanta dog bite attorney then an Atlanta personal injury attorney may be able to help you if they have experience in the area.

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