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Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry :


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For most people using cosmetic dentistry mean getting braces. There were other things, like putting on caps for teeth whitening or to correct different types of errors, but this stuff was mostly for the rich or famous.

These days, however, have not been as advanced in this field and has become more prevalent in society. At that price, many procedures have been reduced. Although dentists still put braces on teeth whitening and even people with lids, which are much more innovative.

Old methods


If you want to go very far back, you’ll see methods for cosmetic dentistry, including dentures carved from wood, and tooth whitening performed by the barber chairs with nitric acid. He was quite old, and obviously insufficient, methods and procedures.

Just two or three decades ago, but the dentist has used the material to cap China teeth and gaps, and used metal braces to straighten teeth for decades. Teeth whitening is a barber using enamel-destroying acids given fluoride tablets, which also tend to brighten a smile, even if it later turned out that the excessive use of fluoride really discolored teeth.

New methods

Today, cosmetic dentistry has made great progress. Although people still metal braces to correct their teeth, the practice is quickly becoming less frequent. These days, for themselves and their children, people choose the new, clear plastic trays that you use in stages, each stage straighten teeth just a little longer until the desired result is finally realized.

These aligners are completely removable, which means that you can take out to eat or brush their teeth, and treatment is usually needed only for about a year or less. This is a significant improvement in metal braces; some people have had to use up to 3 or 4 years. Although dentists continue to use cork, porcelain and teeth and gaps, they do it in a new way, which sticks to everything better.

Prostheses, although still used regularly (and acrylic, not wood) is beginning to fade more and more dental implants, which are essentially artificial teeth that eventually link natural gums. Whitening procedures are much safer for the teeth, and there are a number of them to choose.


What should we expect in the field of cosmetic dentistry? Basically, a few more improvements in the methods used today. More than likely there will be progress beyond this too. Digital imaging 3-D of the teeth, which is currently used in some cases, is likely to play an increasing role in the development of cosmetic procedures and prostheses.

The good news is that cosmetic dentistry is available to a wider range of people today; including teeth whitening treatments can be purchased at the counter at your local pharmacy.

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