Great Snorkeling And Diving In La Playa Del Carmen

By Alexes Lebeau

Beautiful La Playa

Until European travelers noticed the charms of the beaches of La Playa Del Carmen, nothing much was going there. La Playa was the jump-off point for Cozumei. It was here that tourists went for great snorkeling adventures. With the discovery of the potentials of sites for grand diving in La Playa del Carmen, the little sleepy town stirred from its lethargy.

La Playa del Carmen in Mexico is known for its extensive

underwater caverns and breathtaking coral reefs, and stretches of white sand. It is called the Mayan Riviera for nothing. The beach village is ideal for family vacations and great diving. In La Playa Del Carmen, the rustic charm and bustling economy, make the area an interesting blend of the new and the old world.

Indeed, people talk about the thrill of diving in La Playa Del Carmen, the great food, and high standard accommodations; the festive fiesta ambience of Mexico and the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean give the village its distinctive charisma. The white sand beaches, swaying palms, and the lazy atmosphere provide respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.


La Play is the ideal vacation spot for families. You can bring the kids to Mayan ruins in nearby Tulum. They will enjoy the tour and see the remains of ancient Mayan ruins. At eco-parks they can watch the big baby sea turtles, gape at hundreds of butterflies, orchids, and varied mushrooms in these ecology themed parks. As for the food, there is a culinary adventure awaiting the whole family.

Off to La Playa del Carmen

Before taking a plane to Cancun, bring a list of interesting sites for diving in La Playa del Carmen. If you are going for some real seabed adventure, you have to book in advance. Check out the sites offering packaged tours to La Playa del Carmen. Most likely you will be advised to visit the following interesting spots for snorkeling and diving

Check out the Sealife Divers, they will take you on snorkeling tours. You can go to Cenotes and dive into the depths where the underground caves are. The astounding sight of stalagmites underwater is worth the dive. Certified divers will lead you and other tourists along the labyrinths of caves.

In Maria La Gorda enjoy the coral formations. Here you will find a variety of interesting sea species – sea horses, and dolphins. In Pared Verde, enjoy close encounters with turtles and soft corals. The dive here though is only for experienced divers only. In Moc Che Deep, you watch your favorite lobsters and king crabs. In this reef, the sea turtles will even deign to dive along you.

If you have the guts, dive into the Barracuda reef and have the time of your life watching some unsuspecting barracudas. In Cerebros, take pleasure in the idyllic landscape of the deep. The diving depth is 45 feet and visibility is clear at 70 feet, which is just as well for underwater sightseeing.

Tortugas is a favorite diving site. Divers can go to a depth of 30 to 100 feet. The reef is abundant with corals and sponges. Since the terrain is flat, it is easy to watch the different

Take your Gear

Ready your diving and snorkeling gear for the diving in La Playa del Carmen. Enlist your wife and 13 old kid for pool training before the open sea dives. Give your family a great vacation experience but book months ahead to get great accommodation in the beach village. Your family will never forget the miles of white sand, the turquoise waters, and the haunting sunsets in La Playa del Carmen.

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