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Why are you going to cover your tablet or phone screen with hard cover after spending hundreds of dollars? It seems that you are not much known about Screen Protectors. They are sticky films of plastic that can preserve your screen of phone and tablets. However, these protectors are difficult to apply and got bubbles trapped which are much annoying. You must not want to keep your screen naked rather the screen protector will be the best solution. Being more careful in applying Phone screen protector may get you a better result. Above all, you might want to get a cheap screen protector for your tablet or phone. Therefore, we tried here to figure out a way for buying a cheap protector and applying it on your valuable gadget.

Choosing a Screen Protecto

When you are going to get a Phone screen protector or tablet screen protector, you need to consider some tips and trick. The needs of a protector and your phone requirements for those specific kinds of protector available in the market will fix one for your tablet or phone.

1. If you want to protect the back and front of your gadgets body, check for the both ended screen protector. It will protect your tablet or phone from scratching the main screen and the back.

2. Try to check for the model specific screen protector for your tablet or phone. It comes with the customized film that is very much compatible with the edge and holes for the speaker, camera, etc.

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3. Sometimes applying the screen protector is much tough. The protectors come with three packs that offer the reapply.

4. When someone wants to use his tablet or phone in open sunlight more times, he might choose the anti-glare screen. Matt screen protector is the best choice for protection of the screen from sunlight.

Some Tips for Employing a Screen Protecto

After getting a best-suited and cheap screen protector, you are going to apply the screen protector on the screen. You can follow the below instructions to get the better result in Employing a Screen Protector.

1.Check out the instructions attached with the chosen phone or tablet screen protector.

2.Get to a clean place (it is better to a bathroom) and take 10 minutes to employ the screen protector. After taking bath, it will be better for applying the protector, and it will avoid settling the dust.

3.Make sure to clean the screen of your tablet or phone. You can use a microfiber cloth or clean with the solution or cleaning cloth that comes with the screen protector.

4.Then unclipping the protectors upper film and align it to the top or bottom and fit it to the screen accordingly for speaker, edges, camera, etc. Press from the edge that you attached with the protector to the other edge.

5.You can use a cloth or credit card to make the bubbles out.

6.When you will find some great bubbles, use a tape to pull up the edge and reapply the screen protector. Try not to touch the sticky part of the protector.

Smartphone/tablet screen protectors are much useful stuff to save your hundreds of dollars. If you want to have a cheap screen protector with the best quality, you can check Kingsubying to get it in an easy way.

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