Stainless Steel Shower Trays And Metal Shower Trays Sophisticated, With A Small Carbon Footprint

Stainless Steel Shower Trays and Metal Shower Trays – Sophisticated, With a Small Carbon Footprint


Samuel E. Davies

A Stainless Steel Shower Tray – The Modern Alternative

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Whether proudly gleaming upon the outer facade of a skyscraper or stoutly supporting the trusses of a vertiginous bridge, stainless steel has been synonymous with industry and technological progress since its conception in the early twentieth century. Yet in spite of its robust nature, steel is malleable enough for the most delicate of domestic uses: from the cutlery resting atop our neatly-folded napkins to the watches encircling our wrists – and even the shower trays that collect the rinse beneath our sudsy feet. While some might demur at the prospect of bringing such a clinical, machined material into a domestic bathroom-it could be deemed unnatural; cold; something public in what should be a private place-it is becoming a popular choice with builders and remodelers seeking to utilise its creative capacity and practicality as a metal shower tray. Upon closer consideration, the splendid contrasts of stainless steel become apparent. It is formed of a strong and modest metal, simple yet sophisticated, soft on the eyes but hardened to ensure the utmost durability. In the ambitious futurism of the 1950s, they called the material streamlined, although interior designers nowadays would likely refer to it in less awestruck tones. Indeed, the definition of modernism has naturally been refined over the decades: as a society, the emphasis is now on sustainable and expedient living, with science subtly integrated into design, rather than the focus of it. Stainless steel shower trays epitomise this subtlety. When combined with clean, monotone tiling and a translucent glass shower door, it creates a sharp and professional look. For a warmer, more homey tone, steel can also complement many varieties of wood, especially oak and mahogany. While the steel itself cannot be coated-it is called stainless for a reason-it can be tempered into a myriad of finishes to match every interior. For today’s homeowner, the dull, bright and reflective finishes are the most popular, but for the more adventurous – or possibly more narcissistic – the quintessential mirror finish will certainly brighten any space. Metal Shower Trays – Flexibility for the Environmentally Conscious From an aesthetic perspective, a steel shower tray shines. But its smooth surface alone does not encompass its full artistic grandeur, as it is a highly customisable metal. Architects and homeowners will need to consider how they wish to incorporate stainless steel into a custom-designed bathroom. Because they are machined offsite, stainless steel shower trays can be created to any size before being effortlessly slotted into place on site, reducing construction and installation costs. This process closely resembles that of prefabricated houses, which are gaining popularity with financially and environmentally-conscious homeowners. Less on-site construction waste is produced by stainless steel showers in comparison to stone or tiled ones, with any leftover material after cutting and forming being retained at the plant for recycling. Since stainless steel has close to a 100% recyclability rate, even these slender scraps can be re-used. (Indeed, stainless steel does not require government subsidies to make its recycling cost-effective). Stainless steel is sustainably fabricated as well. Metals-about 60% of which are recycled-are heaped into an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and blasted at up to 1,800 C. Unlike other behemoths of industry, the EAF emits little CO2 and other pollutants, further enhancing the materials’ environmental credentials. Chromium gives steel its anti-corrosive properties, and the alloy must contain at least 10.5% of it to be considered stainless. After cooling and treating, the chromium at the surface of the steel will react with oxygen in the atmosphere, forming a ‘passive’ layer of chromium oxide; this layer prevents rust and effectively seals the metal-a necessity for use in the bathroom. Should the layer be breached by a scratch, it instantly reforms on account of the chromium being present throughout the stainless and not merely the coating. Indeed, we might go so far as to call it an ‘actively passive’ metal. Steel Shower Trays – Clean and Cosmopolitan Due to these properties, stainless steel forms a wholly hygienic surface. As a consequence, it is the material of choice for the catering and medical industries, as well as for laboratory usage. Its inert and non-permeable surface makes cleaning and sanitisation an effortlessly simple process. Even when not treated to a rinse down with soapy water, it effectively maintains its lustre. While it may be the case that stainless is wont to collecting minute scratches, this can be remedied by polishing its surfaces every so often, or obviated by selecting a duller matte finish. The hygienic properties of this material demonstrates its practicality within the home-proud homeowners can rejoice in the knowledge that the act of taking a shower effectively cleans the metal shower tray simultaneously. Given that stainless steel shower trays are both convenient and cosmopolitan, anyone redecorating their bathroom may wish to consider that stainless is a common material for many other household fixtures. From shower heads to sinks, toilets to toothbrush holders, it imparts a slick and modern look that is pleasing to behold. Although items manufactured from this material may initially cost more than materials such as plastic or fibreglass, its build quality ensures a long lifespan that ultimately makes it cost-effective. Stainless steel is more than just a material to be found in modern design: it is a sophisticated union between simplicity, logic and environmentalism, and is worthy of consideration for construction or remodeling purposes.

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Stainless Steel Shower Trays and Metal Shower Trays – Sophisticated, With a Small Carbon Footprint

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