Try A Company Like Spokane Pro Care For A Beautiful Lawn

byAlma Abell

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautifully green is easier than you might think. With the assistance of the professionals at a company like Spokane Pro Care, your lawn will be the greenest in the neighborhood. How do you go about getting the most beautiful lawn in your community?


A healthy lawn starts before the first mowing of the season. Applying fertilizer in the early spring will give the grass a great head-start for the season. It helps to give the grass the nutrients it needs before the weeds in your lawn can steal the nutrients from the ground. Later in the spring another fertilizing treatment should be put down. In many cases, the fertilizer put down at this stage includes a mild weed control product. This will help decrease the number of weeds that grow in the lawn. The fewer weeds, the healthier the grass will be and the more beautiful and uniform the lawn will appear.

During the summer, your lawn should be mowed regularly. During the mowing, any weeds that are present should be spot treated. You should not need a full lawn weed killing treatment because the spring treatment should have taken care of many of the weeds before they had a chance to grow and spread. Summer heat and dryness can be hard on a lawn. This is why the late summer fertilization is so important. It helps give the grass the nutrients that it may be missing due to the summer elements.

Late fall, you need one more treatment of fertilizer. This will help strengthen the grass and prepare it for the rough winter months ahead. The healthier your grass is before winter hits, the healthier it will be when spring rolls around.

If you are unsure of how to care for your lawn on your own, talk with the professionals at a company like Spokane Pro Care. You can schedule regular lawn care with them or choose to go with a more limited service of fertilizing your lawn throughout the seasons. It can be easy to keep your lawn looking great. Just bring in the professionals and you will enjoy the feel of the grass under your feet and the look from the street.

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