Craft Something Unique With Brick

By MrMasonry

Bricks can be used for hundreds of building projects. They make durable and lovely houses, retaining walls, hardscapes, flower beds, schools, government buildings, patios, sidewalks, and chimneys. Bricks are often overlooked as a method of improving the aesthetic quality of a room or garden. They can also be surprisingly useful in the home as a single unit versus a wall full of brick.

Indoor Crafts and Brick Projects

Bricks are versatile masonry materials and they can be used indoors in dozens of unique craft and project applications. They are cheap, easy to access, and perfect for your next project!


What can you make out of these masonry materials? Really about anything you can imagine! Bricks can make paperweights and doorstops. You can paint flowers or landscape scenes on them for use in kitchens, offices, and living rooms. For a kids room, you can make whimsical animals. Attach googly eyes (which can be found at any craft store), cut out some felt ears, and paint a face or some spots, stripes, or scales and you can make brick cheetahs, elephants, turtles, puppies, zebras, or fishes! You can have a brick menagerie if youd like!

Bricks can also make affordable Mothers Day gifts. Paint a brick white and then write a message on the stone for any occasion. These painted stones can be placed in flower beds, in the garden, or around the house. Bricks can also make surprisingly good play things for toddlers (especially children with sensory issues). Certainly, a toddler cannot play with them alone; but, with supervision, using real bricks can present the opportunity for heavy work in the form of building, pulling, or filling toy trucks or wagons.

Painting Brick to Update a Room or Exterior:

While bricks are great for craft projects, they are also useful for design applications! They can serve as a platform for adding color to any room or exterior. While painted brick has been frowned upon for many years, it is starting to return as the latest fashion. Rather than just painting a fireplace white to match surrounding walls, however, homeowners and designers are starting to use exposed brick as a place to accent a room. Walls, fireplaces, bars, islands, and other exposed brick features can be painted one or more colors to contrast or complement the interior of a room. In a room with tan walls, brown furniture, and green accents, for example, a fireplace could be painted a deep green to complement the rest of the dcor.

This same aesthetic can be taken outdoors. Brick exteriors can be painted one or more colors to complement landscaping, shutters, garage doors, or even just based on owner preference. Many a traditional looking home has received a modern facelift through a few cans of paint!

Brick is versatile and it can be fun to paint, decorate, and make into many things. Take a look around your home and garden– you may be surprised by how many places could be made a bit more cozy, whimsical, or colorful with some creativity and some brick!

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